Inmates have two options when placing calls:

  1. Through the debit system which allows the inmate to make call using the funds on his/her account

  2. Collect calls in which a payment plan needs to be set up by the party receiving the calls.  Family and friends may set up a payment plan for inmates by calling 1-866-230-7761 or by going online to To set up an account you will need MRRJ’s site number which is 32.

Each inmate is allowed ten numbers on his/her phone list.

If your number has become blocked and you wish to unblock it please call Middle River at (540) 245-5420


Call (540) 416-1970 from your GTL prepaid account and enter the inmate's booking number. Voicemails can be up to 2 minutes and are $1, non-refundable.


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