Send money by using one of the following methods: 


Money orders should be made out to: inmate’s name, c/o MRRJ. It must also include the sender/purchaser’s name. The purchaser should also keep the receipt for the money order.

Money orders should be sent to:

P.O. Box 2727 
Staunton, VA 24402

or they can be brought to the facility and placed into the drop box in the lobby.  

No personal checks or cash will be accepted through the mail or the drop box located in the lobby.


There is now a kiosk in the lobby designed to accept money for inmates in the form of cash only.  The kiosk explains the steps for doing this on the screen when you start the process. Please keep your receipts when adding money to an inmate account. 

Eventually the safe in the lobby will be removed leaving only the Kiosk.  For now they are both still up and running.


You can also go online, at and add money to an inmates account using a credit card.  You will need a valid email to do this.  You must set up an account, afterwards they will email you your account number to log in with. You will need to add payee which would be Middle River Regional Jail.  The site then gives you a list of all the inmates currently here and you can then pick which inmate you would like to deposit money for. You can use this account to add money to the GTL phone system which allows an inmate to call you collect or to add money to his/her account here at the jail which can be used for commissary orders as well as placing calls through the debit system.  

Tablet/Debit Link Account

Debit links can now only be purchased by the offender from their Commissary account 


To deposit money to an inmate’s general account, call 1.888.988.4768.

To set up an account you will need MRRJ’s site number which is 32.


Keefe Commissary Securepaks are available for purchase by going to


Commissary is available for purchase by the offender from their inmate account. Securepaks are also available, see below. 


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